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Simple Garlic and Lemon Chicken

Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 4


Chicken breast: 4 boneless and skinless

Garlic heads: 4 peeled with cloves separated and cut into quarters

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp


Black pepper

Lemon pepper: ½ tbsp

Avocado oil: 1 ½ tbsp


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, cook for 15 minutes in the air fryer at 360˚F. Serve hot.

Nutrition Values:
calories 240, fat 7, fiber 1, carbs 17, protein 18

This rich and smooth skillet supper is only the sort of thing I need to eat on chilly winter evenings. The chicken bosoms stew in a skillet of lemon garlic goodness, and pose a flavor like they were made at your preferred neighborhood Italian eatery. Since the formula meets up so rapidly — under 30 minutes — you can go to it again and again, regardless of how bustling life gets.

This formula essentially makes itself, leaving you an opportunity to pull together a simple side. Since there's heaps of sauce that has the right to be absorbed, we love serving the chicken over rice, orzo, or pureed potatoes, or with a side of dried up bread. A straightforward verdant greens plate of mixed greens or steamed green beans are likewise pleasant increments to balance the feast.


1-Completely dry the chicken with paper towels. Liberally season done with salt and pepper.

2-Warmth the oil in a 10-inch or bigger skillet over medium-high until shining. Working in bunches if necessary, include the chicken and burn until profoundly carmelized on the last, 6 to 7 minutes. Flip with tongs and burn the opposite side until carmelized, 6 to 7 minutes. Move the chicken to a plate; put in a safe spot.

3-Lessen the warmth to medium and include the spread. At the point when dissolved, include the shallot, garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper and cook, blending once in a while, until simply beginning to relax, around 1 moment. Include the flour, mix to uniformly cover the shallots and garlic, and cook for brief more.

4-Mix in the creamer or milk and stock until no knots from the flour remain, trying to scrape up any seared bits from the base of the dish. Heat to the point of boiling. Lessen the warmth to a stew. Return the chicken to the dish and stew until the sauce is thickened enough that it covers the back of a spoon and the chicken is cooked through, 3 to 4 minutes. Mix the lemon juice into the sauce. Trimming with the parsley and lemon cuts and serve right away.

5-Stockpiling: Scraps will keep in a hermetically sealed compartment in the cooler for as long as 3 days.


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