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Step by step instructions to Cook and Eat Steamer Mollusks

Fixings :

3 to 4 pounds of delicate shell steamer shellfishes

1/2 cup margarine, dissolved


1- Absorb the steamers ocean water or salty water: In a perfect world, on the off chance that you have the opportunity, place the steamers in a pail and spread with a few crawls of ocean water or salty water (a tablespoon of ocean salt totally broke down in each quart of water), and let sit a few hours in a cool spot (not in direct daylight), ideally medium-term.
Sooner or later, you'll see that each mollusk has a foot that will begin to reach out of the shell. This is ordinary. The shellfishes are generally covered in the sand with just the foot reaching out up to the outside of the water.
The steamer shellfishes will release any sand or soil while they are sitting in the water, so the water may turn out to be fairly dim. You can change the water in the event that you need.
In the event that you don't have the opportunity to give the shellfishes a chance to douse for a considerable length of time, simply put a few of them at once in an enormous bowl, spread with salt water, and tenderly twirl the water around with your fingers for a large portion of a moment.
On the off chance that the mollusks discharge sand or coarseness, dump out the water and wash the shellfishes out in a similar way once more, until no more sand is discharged. (They may in any case discharge some sand and coarseness while cooking, however you will dunk them in the shellfish juices before plunging them in margarine when you eat them, flushing endlessly any residual coarseness.)

2- Steam the mollusks: When prepared to cook, put about an inch of water (you can likewise utilize brew or a hefty) in the base of a tall, enormous pot. Spot a steamer rack at the base of the pot. Cautiously place the shellfishes on the steamer rack (in the event that you don't have a steamer rack, don't stress over it, simply put the mollusks in the pot with the water).
The shellfish shells are on the meager side and can without much of a stretch break, so be delicate as you placed the steamers in the pot.
You may see a portion of the mollusks "spitting" water at you as you handle them. This is ordinary, don't stress over it. On the off chance that any of the mollusks appear to be dead, are stinky, or whose siphons don't withdraw a piece when you contact them, hurl them out.
Spread the pot. Heat the water to the point of boiling. Give the mollusks a chance to cook in the steam from the bubbling water for around 5-10 minutes, until the steamer shellfish shells are all the way open, at that point expel the pot from the warmth. Any steamers that didn't open ought to be disposed of. (The pot may froth up and bubble over while cooking, so watch out for it while cooking.) Let the shellfishes cool for several minutes.

3- Spot steamer water in bowls for serving: Cautiously expel the cooked mollusks from the pot, setting them in a serving bowl. Try not to dispose of the shellfish juices left in the pot. Rather pour a touch of the hot juices into bowls for serving. Put the softened spread into little bowls for plunging.

4- Present with dissolved margarine: Serve the steamers with a bowl for the shellfishes, a vacant bowl for the shells, a little bowl with juices for plunging, and a littler bowl with spread for plunging.

5- Here's the manner by which to eat the steamers: To eat, open the shell and evacuate the cooked shellfish. Utilize your fingers to pull off the skin covering the guide of the shellfish. Dispose of with the shells into the shell bowl.
Grasp the guide with your fingers, twirl the mollusk around in the hot stock (it will heat up the shellfishes and to remove any outstanding coarseness or sand). Dunk the shellfish into softened margarine and eat!

Note, the siphon end of the shellfish might be somewhat intense and rubbery. You can eat it or not. Regardless, it makes an extraordinary handle for plunging.


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